M.I.A - “Gold”

New M.I.A track to kick off your weekend!

MNEK - “Wrote a Song About You”

MNEKs newest single. Filled to the brim with instrumental mid/late 90’s electropop references. I love this.

Perfume Genius - “Queen”

The magnificent Perfume Genius, Mike Hadreas, is back with awesome new queer themed music.

MNEK - “No Ordinary Love”

Absolutely love the talented MNEKs cover of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love”. One of my favourite songs of all time.

Lykke Li - “Gunshot”

My favourite track off the new Lykke Li album got a video. Yay.

MNEK - “Magic” (Coldplay cover)

Oh how I enjoy this. I’m not a Coldplay fan (quite resent them in fact) but actually liked the original tune somewhat. Thanks to MNEK I can enjoy it even more. Brilliant and beautiful cover!

Grimes - “Go”(feat. Blood Diamonds)

New Grimes tune is out.

Sia - “Big Girls Cry”

Only a little while longer now before the new Sia album is out.

So so so happy about this brilliant performance by Twin Shadow. Still no date for the release of Twin Shadow’s 3rd album, but it’s in the works! Can’t wait!

Mø - “Walk This Way”

Been a fan for over a year, but this chick just keeps impressing me. New video for “Walk This Way”. Danish powerchick <3